Filter Cleaner

Filter Cleaner M2000 is a professional strength filter cleaner that cleans while protecting the pool filter and other pool equipment.

A clean filter improves water circulation and can dramatically improve the clarity of pool water. Filter Cleaner M2000 can remove a variety of contaminates from filters such as scale, grease, rust, oil and soil. You can apply the product directly to the filter or use it as a soaking agent. You’ll find that the use of this product helps you keep your water clean and sparkling. It will also keep your pool filter and other equipment run efficiently over the long term.

Filter Cleaner Features

Filter Cleaner M2000 tough cleaner while protecting equipment. Use as a quick clean or soak. Clean Filter, Clean Water

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Filter Cleaner Instructions

Quick Clean Application: Pour the cleaner into the filter while system is on backwash. Continue until the water comes out clean. Filter Cleaner is compatible with cartridge, sand, and diatomite filters. Deep Clean Application: clean filters up to 24” in diameter, mix one quart of Filter Cleaner with five gallons of water. To clean filters from 30” to 36” in diameter, mix two quarts of the cleaner with five gallons of water. To thoroughly clean sand, DE and other like types of filter media, backwash the pool before you begin. Pour the premixed solution into the filter and add water to completely cover the media. Replace the filter top and soak for four to twelve hours. If your pool has a high mineral content, scale or oil buildup, soak the filter overnight. After soaking, backwash until the water runs clear. Start the pump and fill the filter with clean water. Cartridge Soak: remove the cartridges and rinse them with clean water. Place the cartridges into a solution of one quart of Filter Cleaner per ten gallons of clean water in a plastic container. Let the cartridges soak in the solution for at least four hours. After cleaning, rinse with clean water and return the cartridge to the filter. (can soak overnight without damage)

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