Simple Start Up for New pools. New Surfaces.

A Simple Start-Up Method

Terry Arko Director of Technical Sales and Training Bio-Dex

No bulky tanks, hoses or plumbing fittings needed. Simply choose a preferred start-up program such as the APSP General Start-Up Procedure or The National Plasterers Council (NPC) Traditional New Plaster- Start-Up.

  • Begin filling the pool. When the pool has filled at least three feet add 1 qt. per 10,000 of Bio-Dex Protect-All Supreme as the pool continues to fill*.  Bio-Dex Protect All Supreme prevents metal stains and scale. Also, it is very effective at controlling and clearing excess plaster dust.
  • Once the pool has filled completely and water balance has been achieved add 1 qt. per 10,000 gallons of Aquadex 50 Stain-Off. This will help to ensure continual control of scaling and act as a sequestering agent against any metal staining.
  • You may choose to allow the pool to fill completely before adding any product. Balance the total alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness according to recommended start-up procedures for your source water. Then add the Bio-Dex Protect All Supreme. After 24 hours follow with the AquaDex 50 Stain-Off.
  • Once the pool is up and filter system is running add Clearex 500 to sparkle up the water. Clearex 500 is non-toxic, will not clog filters and will bring a superior clarity to the newly filled swimming pool.

There is no need for a new pool start-up to be complicated, time consuming and expensive. By following proven start up methods from APSP and NPC along with Bio-Dex products, pool start-ups can be simple and very efficient with superior results.

*Do not interrupt the filling of a newly surfaced pool at any time. Turning off the fill water during the process of filling can lead to waterline stains around the pool. Carefully follow preferred professional start-up procedures and ensure that the water balance is adjusted according to the ideal recommendations for pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness.


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