Why is My Pool Cloudy?

Cloudy water in your swimming pool doesn’t just look uninviting, it can be dangerous as well. This is because with a cloudy pool, if people are swimming in it; or having underwater fun and diving as well, a cloudy pool can obscure the vision of rescuers if swimmers are in trouble. Now cloudiness in your pool could be caused by an insufficient amount of sanitizer; or pool water which is unbalanced. It can also be caused by lack of cleaning; or poor circulation and filtration in your pool. So what can you do to make a cloudy pool a non-issue? To answer, below is a list of problems with the solutions.

Poor Chemistry: A deficient or an improper chemistry can cause cloudy water. If your pH is too high then, cloudy water can occur if you use bleach or calcium hypochlorite. But by using a pool acid if you have a high pH, you can balance your pH to 7.4 to 7.8 ; with 7.6 being the ideal number. Also, your free chlorine level should be reading 3PPM at least which should be very close to the total chlorine reading, which is the sum of the unused free chlorine and the already used chlorine which has combined with pollutants in your pool to render them harmless.

7795347_sNow cloudiness can occur though if the free chlorine is less than 2PPM of the total reading of 3PPM when adding all the chlorine in the pool together. If this is so, then you have a problem. So if this happens, you need to shock your pool (overdose it) on chlorine to bring the two chlorines in balance. Shocking a pool should be done regularly; therefore. For this, shock packets can be bought which have the instructions for use on each packet.

Lack of cleaning: A dirty pool can become a cloudy pool. When too much organic material is deteriorating in your pool water, your chlorine gets overwhelmed, and your pool can become cloudy. So you need to keep your pool clean of all debris, make sure your filter is cleaned and backwashed and your filter baskets are cleaned.

Poor Circulation: This is one of the most important overlooked issue by homeowners. If your pool is stagnant or not moving, the chemicals won’t distribute through the pool properly, and you will have not only a cloudy pool; but algae as well. Therefore; make sure the water in your pool is moving in a circular rotation so all the water can move through your filtration system.

Poor Filtration: A poor filtration system is the main cause of cloudy water. So your filter needs to be cleaned or backwashed regularly to keep your pool crystal clear.

If all four of these steps are followed, your pool should be swimming ready at all times.

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