The Best Skimmer for Your Pool

If you’re looking for a new skimmer for your swimming pool, each type of pool takes a different type of skimmer, and you need to know which one is the best skimmer for your pool. So here are some tips to help you.

Above ground pool

above-ground-poolIf you are replacing a skimmer that has gone bad, try to find the same model which came with the pool. If you can’t find that skimmer because it isn’t available, then replace the old skimmer with a larger mouth one if necessary. You may need to cut the wall where the skimmer fits to make it properly fit, but with proper installation, it will fit properly. You don’t want to buy a smaller skimmer than the original because you won’t be able to secure it properly to the wall without jury-rigging it.

Now brand new skimmer in a packaged pool should be already sized. A wide mouth skimmer is being used on most above ground pools though now instead of the smaller mouth model because they work better.

In ground pool

If you have an in ground pool that is made from vinyl or fiberglass, it will need a skimmer with gaskets which act as a seal between the liner of the pool and the face plate. The gaskets are made from cork or rubber for a better seal. If your pool is made from gunite (rebar with a concrete and sand mixture as the material), then a skimmer for a gunite pool is needed, and it won’t have a gasket attached.

In addition, the pool piping size has to be considered so there is proper flow through your water system. In this your skimmer has to have the corresponding pipe size to work properly.

How many skimmers?

If your swimming pool is a good sized pool, you may want to use multiple skimmers so the complete surface of your pool is covered. This way debris won’t hide in corners or lag where the water flow can’t pull it.

To close, finding the right skimmer for your pool is important for pool maintenance.

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