The Difference between a Pool and a Spa

Swimming pools and spas are both popular with people who love the outdoors and relaxation. Many people have both so they can enjoy the water throughout the year. Although they both require similar chemicals, they present different challenges.

pool-landscapingThe chemical balance in a pool is susceptible to the weather. Homeowners have to deal with a variety of climate issues. In some areas, storms can move debris into the water which affects the chemical balance. Heavy rainfall can also throw the water balance out of whack. Temperature variations may require owners to pay extra attention to the water balance. Swimming pool owners often end up with green water and significant algae problems due to water problems.

The chemical balance in the water needs to be checked regularly. The more swimmers there are, the more chemicals owners need to add. A sanitizer, such as chlorine, needs to be added on a regular basis to ensure that the water is safe from bacteria. Pools require equipment including a pump and a filter. Most types of filters require that the pool is backwashed on a regular basis to keep the filter pressure at an appropriate level. People in cooler areas often have heaters for their swimming pools to keep the temperature at a pleasant level. Heaters require that the filter pressure is appropriate.

A spa is different than a pool in a number of ways. First of all, the water has a significantly higher temperature than the average pool. This means that the chemical balance has to be approached differently. Spas need to have a tight cover to keep the heat in and debris out. The water needs to be emptied and changed every few months, while a swimming pool rarely needs to be drained.

You need to change the water in a spa every few months. If it’s used daily or you have a large number of bathers, you’ll need to change the spa water more often. If the water quality deteriorates, you can change the water more often. If the chemical balance isn’t correct, swimmers can get a serious rash from the water. They can also be exposed to dangerous bacteria.

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