Detecting Common Leaks in Pools

swimmingOften, swimming pool owners notice that their pool water levels are shrinking. Some water loss is natural due to evaporation and splashing. To try to narrow down the problem, start by filling up the pool to the standard level so that you can evaluate the changes in the water level. If the water due to evaporation, a swimming pool cover can slow down or prevent evaporation. If the water level is still changing, you may have a leak

If you are still noticing a lot of water loss, begin by the marking the normal water level on your pool at the skimmer with a grease pencil or some tape. Check the water the next day. Your swimming pool should lose about a quarter of an inch a day. If the water level changes more than this, it means there is likely a leak in the pool. Your next step is to identify the location of the leak.

If you’ve established that your swimming pool has a leak, you will need to identify the location so that you can get it repaired immediately. The easiest ways to check are the most obvious ways. Look around the pool for moisture around the pool. Check for wet parts of the yard and sunken areas around the yard. Look at the equipment closely to see if there are any leaks around the filter, pump, pump valves and the heater. You may be able to identify the leak this way. If you have a vinyl swimming pool liner, inspect it to look check for tears around the corners, fittings, skimmers, steps and other critical areas.

One way to find the leak location is to stop the filtration system and watch for the area where the water stops dropping. If the water drops quickly, start adding water to the pool immediately and call a swimming pool repair company because the leak is serious. Otherwise, watch for the water to stop at a number of places including the light, the light or the liner. These can indicate a variety of problems including a leak in the light housing, the backwash line, a crack in the skimmer, the pump or the filtration system. Most pool owners call a professional to repair these problems because they are complex and amateurs can seriously damage the equipment.

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