Common Types of Algae

Algae is one of most common and frustrating problems that pool owners face. Did you know that there is more than one type of algae that can attack your swimming pool? These types of algae need to be treated differently. If you are attacking the wrong kind of algae, you can get extremely frustrated with the lack of results. Understanding the types and the best treatment can help you deal with your swimming pool more effectively.

green-poolGreen algae is the type of algae most pool owners struggle with. It gets its name because the swimming pool water turns green. The algae can float in the water and cling to the sides of the pool and to stairs. The good news about green algae is that is the easiest kind of algae to treat. You need to treat it with an algaecide, which you can find at any swimming pool store. You will also need to treat the water with shock several times. Keep the chlorine levels in your pool stable and your algae problems aren’t likely to come back.

Black algae is a different type of algae that grows in pool surfaces, primarily in crevices and cracks especially in plaster swimming pools. It needs to be treated differently than green algae. It is slimly and has growths that are skeletal. Chlorine treatments won’t eradicate black algae. Test and balance your water. You will need to completely brush the algae to break the slime apart before and while you treat the water. The algae will not be eradicated without thorough brushing. Shock the pool after treatment.

Mustard algae has a yellowish-green or brownish color and feels slimy. Mustard algae might look like dirt at first but you’ll notice it returns to the same spot if you brush it away and it will begin to climb the walls. It’s a rare type of algae. You need to test and balance your water. You’ll also need a product to kill the algae. You will need to remove the algae from your swimming pool equipment and clean bathing suits and pool toys to complete eradicate the algae.

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