Cleaning a Pool after Seasons of Non-Use

Have you bought a home with a swimming pool that has been neglected? Have you closed your pool for one or more seasons due to travel or financial reasons? When you finally open the pool, it will probably resemble a swamp more than a swimming pool. Don’t despair. While it’s not advisable to neglect your pool regularly, life can get in the way of managing your pool. You can bring your pool back from bad conditions faster than you think.

Some people hire a swimming pool maintenance company to help them overcome bad water conditions. This can be an expensive option for fixing the water, but if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, it can be a good investment. If you opt to treat the problem water yourself, you may be able to get it back to the appropriate condition in around two weeks if you are vigilant. You’ll need the right chemicals and you will need to spend some time monitoring and adjusting the products.

The first thing you need to do is some serious physical cleaning. Your pool probably looks like a swamp because algae growth is out of control. The first thing you should do is clean out as much debris as you can using a net or a pool vacuum. It’s going to be time-consuming to get debris out of the water since it’s difficult to see through dirty water. Do the best you can and then use a pool brush to clean the sides and bottom of the pool as much as possible.

green-poolYou will need to purchase some basic items including lots of swimming pool chlorine shock, chlorine, pH stabilizers and water testing kits. You’ll begin by adding chlorine shock in high amounts on a daily basis. You can also find products designed to clean “swampy” swimming pool water. Follow the instructions on these products closely. Run your pump constantly and check it regularly to ensure that it doesn’t become clogged. Backwash your filter regularly.

Over time, the water should slowly become clearer. You will need to regularly brush and vacuum the pool. If you see more debris, remove it. Test the water on a daily basis at first to make sure you have the chemicals balanced properly. As your water clears, continue to be vigilant. Do not use water clarity as a sign of cleanliness. You should test water regularly to ensure that the chemicals are balanced before using the swimming pool.

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