Controlling Water Temperature

If you want your swimming pool to be pleasant for swimmers, it’s important that you find ways to control the water temperature. At the beginning and end of the swimming season, temperatures drop significantly at night and make the pool cold. If you live in an area with a short hot season, temperature control is one way that you extend your swimming season.

family-poolPool owners in cooler areas often own a pool heater for the swimming pool. These are a great tool for getting swimming pool warm enough to enter at the beginning of the season. The heater can also help maintain a stable temperature throughout the season even when the temperature drops at night. There are a variety of swimming pool heater options. There are some solar heaters that can heat your pool for a low cost. However, most people have gas-powered heaters which work well, but can involve high energy costs.

One of the best ways to control the temperature of your swimming pool is to prevent the heat from escaping. If you leave your pool uncovered. Using a pool cover will keep the heat in the swimming pool. The cover has additional benefits in addition to keeping in heat. Solar covers will keep debris from falling into the pool. They also keep water from evaporating so you don’t have to continuously add water to the swimming pool.

Did you know that wind can cause more problems than debris in the pool? You can lose a lot of heat from the effects of wind. If your swimming pool is exposed to wind, you can find a way to block the wind to preserve the heat. There are a variety of types of wind blocks you can install. These include hedges and fences. There are many regulations that require fencing around a pool for safety so you can comply with regulations and protect the heat in your pool.

There are new tools that can help you preserve the heat in your swimming pool. Solar sun rings are popular because they are easy to install and remove. They are durable and may outlast the life of some solar covers. Liquid solar blankets are a relatively new invention that can help preserve heat and reduce evaporation.

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