Getting Your Pool Ready for Spring

The first step in getting your pool ready for spring is to drain all the water off the top of the swimming pool cover. You can purchase a small, inexpensive pump to drain the water or contact your pool maintenance company. If you drain it a little bit every day, you’ll make progress quickly. Next, clean off all the debris that has built up on the pool cover so that none of it slips into the water when you remove the cover. Typically, leaves, pine needles and dead bugs accumulate in the water on the pool cover and they will slip easily into the water as you remove the cover.

When you remove the cover from the swimming pool, you should clean it thoroughly. If you don’t, it won’t be usable next year. You can clean it by using a hose and brush. Thoroughly remove all scum, mold and debris from the cover. Spread it out completely so you can clean all parts of the cover. Next, you should allow every part of the swimming pool cover to dry totally. Examine the pool cover for any signs of wear. Small holes and worn parts can be patched with kits that you can get from a pool supplier. These repairs are easy and will help your swimming pool cover last longer. When the cover is dry, fold it up carefully and store it in a safe place for the season.

Next, it’s time to inspect all the equipment in your pool to make sure it’s in good working order. Check the filter basket and the pump. Also, check the pressure gauges, connections and plugs for any signs of damage. If you find slight damage, repair the part. If the damage is more significant, you should replace the part immediately.

The next step you should take is to fill the water in the swimming pool. When you closed the pool for the winter, you should have drained the water to below the filter line. Now, it’s time to add water to above the filter line. Once you’ve added the water, you can take the next step which is to start up your equipment and treat the swimming pool with the appropriate chemicals.

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