Protecting Children from the Sun

Children always need thorough sunscreen coverage when they are at the swimming pool. With smaller children, it’s a good idea to put the sunscreen on before they dress in their swimming outfits. This will help ensure thorough coverage. They’ll need sunscreen under their suits as well as over them since the sun’s rays can shine through swimsuits. If they get in the swimming pool, reapply the sunscreen even if it is waterproof. This is the best way to protect children from burns.

Sunscreens are effective for around three years. Many have the expiration date written on the bottle or tube. If they do not, mark the date you purchased the sunscreen with a permanent marker so you know when to throw it out. You should also dispose of sunscreen that has changed consistency or color. If you accidentally leave the sunscreen out for several days in the heat near the swimming pool, it will become less effective.

There are other tools you can use to protect your child’s skin at the swimming pool. Some manufacturers produce UV protection swimwear, hats and shirts. Many children wear protective shirts at the swimming pool to safeguard themselves. Most of these garments have a UPF rating over 50. You shouldn’t rely on these products alone, but they can be helpful when you spend hours at the swimming pool or in other outside areas.

The sun’s rays are the strongest between around 10 am and 2 pm. Experts recommend that you limit your exposure during these times. Many people use their swimming pool later in the afternoon to reduce their exposure to harmful rays. If your children are in the sun during peak times, make sure they take regular breaks to protect themselves. They should sit in a shaded area for at least 15 minutes every hour. Also, encourage them to wear hats and sunglasses to protect themselves.

Babies have very sensitive skin. Cover them thoroughly when they are in the swimming pool or out in the sun. The baby’s entire body should have some light clothing most of the time. Keep the baby in the shade most of the time. Also, you may need to experiment with various sunscreens to find one that works. Some babies are extremely sensitive to chemicals and may get a rash from common sunscreen products.

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