Welcome to Bio-Dex

Bio-Dex is a professional provider of products for swimming pools and spas. Their offerings have proved reliable during over 40 years of operation. Both individual owners and swimming pool professionals find that Bio-Dex products help them maintain and improve the performance of swimming pools and spas. Dealers, distributors and individual owners rely on Bio-Dex products to keep equipment running smoothly. The products help produce and maintain clear, sparkling water along with keeping pool surfaces clean and free of stain and scale .

Bio-Dex swimming pool chemicals deal with a wide range of swimming pool maintenance issues. There are products for virtually all problems that occur with swimming pools and spas. There are swimming pool chemicals for killing and preventing algae. The company has products that treat common issues like calcium build-up, high phosphate levels, stain and scale removal and prevention of cloudy water. The company also offers a range of products that deal specifically with spa-related issues.

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