Water Fun

A pool is a great way to entertain your family during the hot summer months. It keeps kids busy while they’re out of school and gives everyone a chance to get some exercise. There are many activities you can use to make your pool even more enjoyable. The great news is that many activities don’t require expensive equipment or time-consuming preparation.

Marco Polo is a classic pool game that is like playing tag. One person is designated as “Marco”. The other people are “Polos”. The person playing Marco is either blindfolded or closes his or her eyes. When Marco yells “Marco”, the other players have to shout “Polo”. Marco tries to tag one of the Polos by locating people through the sound of their voices. When Marco tags a person, that person becomes the new Marco.

A fun game for children is diving for coins. You can throw gold coins into the pool and children have to dive to pick up the treasure. One person is tagged as a sea pirate. All the players try to avoid the sea pirate because if they’re tagged, they have to drop all their coins. When all the coins have been collected, the person with the most is the winner.

Fish out of Water is another traditional game that is great for children and teenagers. It is somewhat similar to Marco Polo, but is played underwater. One person is tagged as “it” or as a searcher. This person has to keep his or eyes closed when above the water line. However, the person can open his or her eyes under water. The person who is “it” tries to catch a swimmer out of the pool. When a swimmer is caught out of the pool, the searcher yells “Fish out of Water!” The person caught becomes “it”.

Diving games help kids improve their swimming and coordination skills. There are many inexpensive toys that can be used in diving games. These include rings, flags, plastic balls and sticks. There are also water torpedoes that can be launched for a game of catch. If the swimmer doesn’t catch the torpedo, it will sink and he or she will have to dive underwater to retrieve it. Some torpedoes can launch the entire length of the pool so it’s a fun way to practice underwater swimming.

Water balloons are lots of fun both in and around the pool. The players can divide into teams and have a water balloon relay. They have to toss the balloon back and forth without bursting it. The team that goes the longest without bursting the balloon is the winner. Water guns are another way to play tag in the pool. There are many different kinds of water guns. Some are small for younger children and others blast a lot of water.

Floats are available in many different styles and forms. There are floats that allow more than one person to ride. They are often shaped like dolphins, whales, ducks or crocodiles. Kids can play tag while riding on these floats. Some floats hold up to eight swimmers inside. There are also floats in shapes like cubes and water wheels in addition to traditional lounging floats.


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