Chlor-Ex can remove extra chlorine in pools and spas.

Although chlorine is an effective sanitizer, it can be harmful at high levels. Over-chlorinating is an easy mistake to make. You should test your water regularly to ensure that it doesn’t have too much chlorine, which can be a problem. It will irritate swimmers and bathers. Chlorine can also have a detrimental effect on the filtration system in the spa or pool. It can also make the liner begin to deteriorate. Chlor-Ex removes the excess chlorine from spas and pools before it can damage the equipment and irritate swimmers’ skin and eyes. It’s easy to use and dissolves quickly in the water. The product leaves your water properly balanced and pleasant for swimmers.

Chlor-Ex Features

User friendly to easily remove excess sanitizer from water.

Chlor-Ex Instructions

Before apply Chlor Ex, turn on the pump to circulate the water. Apply the product with the wind to your back so it distributes evenly across the water. Use two ounces of Chlor-Ex per 5,000 gallons of water. Distribute the product around the perimeter of the pool or spa. The inside ring of the bottle cap holds two ounces. A full cap measures 3.5 ounces. Test the chlorine eight hours after you apply the product. Repeat the treatment if the chlorine level is too high.

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