Water Treatment

Bio-Dex offers a complete line of water treatment products.

Liquid Stabilizer & Conditioner

Liquid Stabilizer and Conditioner dissolves rapidly in swimming pool water to reduce chlorine loss caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. A properly stabilized pool will extend the life of your sanitizer and save you money by avoiding excessive chlorine demand.

Stabilizer is to chlorine as your home’s insulation is to retaining warm or cold air – it helps chlorine last longer. When the stabilizer level in your pool is low, you’ll need to use a lot more chlorine to keep your swimming pool clean, so you’ll spend more money on chlorine. Use Bio-Dex Liquid Stabilizer/Conditioner to maintain appropriate stabilizer levels in your pool.

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Attack Non Chlorine Shock

Attack Non-Chlorine shock is an odorless product that will help you achieve clarity in your pool water. It attacks and destroys the organic contaminants that can make water dirty and cloudy. It is fast acting and swimmers can re-enter the water immediately after you apply the product.

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Chlorine can be very effective for sanitizing pools when the dosage is correct. However, an overabundant amount of chlorine will irritate swimmers, cause odors and may damage the pool’s filtration system. Chlor-Ex will remove excess chlorine so that your water is balanced and pleasant.

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Knock Out helps you deal with less-than-ideal water quality. It eliminates a variety of colored water problems to restore your pool’s water clarity.

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Sparkle Shock Non-Chlorine Shock

Your pool is vulnerable to organic contamination caused by a variety of factors. Sparkle Shock Non-Chlorine Shock will clear cloudy water and kill contaminates that affect your pool water. It is free of odor and contaminates and makes water clear and pleasant.

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