Quick n’ Thick

Quick’n Thick Tile Cleaner effectively cleans swimming pool tile and vinyl liners.

This product maximizes cleaning to make tile and liners look fresh. Quick’n Thick Tile Cleaner cleans grease, oil, dirt, stains, body oils and suntan lotion off easily. You can also use the product on pool equipment, vinyl and spas and will remove soil and dirt. The product can be used as is or dilute it for less intense cleaning. Quick’n Thick Tile Cleaner is fume-free and user friendly. The product is not flammable or carcinogenic so it is safe to use around your family and pets. Quick’n Thick Tile Cleaner is a great way to make your tile and liners look like new so that you can be proud of the appearance of your pool. It comes in quarts and gallon containers.

Quick n’ Thick Features

Quick’n Thick Tile Cleaner is a safe and effective tile , vinyl liner and pool equipment cleaner. It won’t contaminate your swimming pool or the air with carcinogenic materials but can handle the tough cleaning jobs.

Quick n’ Thick Instructions

Wear rubber gloves and apply Quick’n Thick to a brush, sponge or directly to the area that you want to clean. Scrub the area well until it is clean. Rinse thoroughly. You can use the product as is or dilute it for lighter cleaning. Dilute up to fifty parts water to one part Quick’n Thick. The product is available in quarts or gallons.

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