Protect-A-Deck Sealer

Protect a Deck Sealer helps you keep the area around your pool looking fresh and attractive. Decks are vulnerable to a wide variety of problems such as flaking, chalking and cracking.

You want to protect your investment by preventing the effects of dirt, algae, grime and mineral deposits on your deck. The product works on a variety of deck surfaces such as concrete, perma deck, brick, natural rock, artificial rock and flagstone. Protect a Deck sealer won’t affect the color or appearance of your deck. It will make your deck more water-resistant and slip-resistant. The product is quick and easy to apply and will adhere to the deck effectively. You can count on Protect a Deck Sealer to provide long-lasting results.

Protect-A-Deck Sealer Features

Protect a Deck Sealer will help you maintain the attractiveness and integrity of your walkway or deck. It prevents flaking, chalking and cracking and will protect the surface from the elements.

Protect-A-Deck Sealer Instructions

Protect a Deck Sealer takes only minutes to apply to the deck and will adhere to the deck to product long-lasting results. Apply the product evenly to a clean deck and it will penetrate beneath the porous deck surface. It will bond within and on the treated area.

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