Stain & Scale

Stains make the pool look old and neglected. Stain and scale products can help eliminate these problems to keep pools looking fresh and clean.

Stains and scale buildup are two of the most common problems in pools. Scale can build up over time will detract from the pool’s attractiveness.

Aquadex 50 Stain-Off

Metallic stains can compromise the beauty of your pool. Aquadex #50 Stain Off will remove metallic staining from swimming pools and spas. It will remove black cobalt, copper and iron stains to restore the area’s beauty.

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Protect All Supreme

Pools are vulnerable to staining that will make them look dirty and dingy. Protect All Supreme is an easy-to-use product that will restore the natural beauty of your pool. The product removes stains, scale, calcium, iron, rust and corrosion. It also prevents problems from returning.

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Salt Protect

Salt Protect solves a variety of common pool problems including stain, scale, iron, corrosion and rust. It also controls hard water problems and lowers phosphate levels. Salt Protect also works well during spring pool start-up and end-of-season winterizing.

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