Zeo Filter Cleaner

Zeo Filter Cleaner cleans and recharges Zeo Media.

(May also be used to clean sand,and DE and other like media) Formulated to maximize the efficiency of your pool’s filter. This is important because it ensures that your pool functions properly. Clean filters also ensure that your water stays clean. The product performs a number of functions such as removing oil, minerals and scale from the filter. Zeo Filter Cleaner comes in a simple-to-use liquid formula. It’s non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and non-corrosive when it is used properly. The filter cleaner is safe for your pool’s equipment and will effectively clean and recharge Zeobrite, sand and additional Zeo media so that they can perform at the highest possible efficiency. Your water will be cleaner and easier to manage when you keep your filter properly clean by using the product on a yearly basis.

Zeo Filter Cleaner Features

Zeo Filter Cleaner is an easy-to-use liquid filter cleaner that throughly cleans and recharges Zeobrite media, sand filters and other like filter media.

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Zeo Filter Cleaner Instructions

Always clean your filter media thirty days after starting up a new in-ground pool. Clean existing filters once a year with Zeo Filter Cleaner. Read the directions on the bottle for complete instructions. Clean the filter every four to six weeks for water with high mineral content and water that exceeds 400 ppm hardness. For up to 24” diameter filters, mix one quart of cleaner with five gallons of water. For 30” to 36” diameter filters, mix two quarts of cleaner with five gallons of water. Pour the premixed solution into the filter and add water to completely cover the media. Replace the filter top and soak for four to twelve hours. If your pool has a high mineral content, scale or oil buildup, soak the filter overnight. After soaking, backwash until the water runs clear. Start the pump and fill the filter with clean water.

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