Clarifiers & Digesters

Clarifiers help restore crystal clear water to your pool.

Suntan oils, body oils and other oils can cloud water and create a need for additional chlorine and other chemicals. Contaminates can make water cloudy and unpleasant. Digesters remove the oils that affect water purity and clarity.


Alum is aluminum sulfate, which is an effective water clarifier. It is a flocculent that works to clear cloudy water. Alum works well to clarify water, especially after algae treatments.

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Clearex 500

Dust storms, algae treatments and phosphate treatments can leave pool water looking cloudy and dull. Clearex 500 is an effective tool for clearing up water quickly. It removes impurities and helps restore clean, sparkling water.

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Foam Stop

Bio-Dex Foam Stop is a Fast Acting Defoamer for the pool, fountains and spas. Works to remove foam instantly on contact. There are many causes for foaming conditions in recreational water. Foam stop provides an instant solution.

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Oil Out Enzyme

Oil Out Enzyme is an organic product that will improve filtration in your water system. It helps to restore water clarity. Oil Out Enzyme removes oil-related residue and helps to keep filters clean. Swimmers can re-enter the water immediately after treatment.

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Sunshine Sparkle Brite

Sunshine Sparkle Brite is a highly effective and economical way to treat your pool. The product improves filtration and can be used with a variety of filter systems. Sunshine Sparkle Brite can be used on pools and hot tubs to restore excellent water clarity.

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