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Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover MAX is the product to use to to treat very high levels of phosphates in water and or large bodies of water.

High levels of phosphates can create a variety of problems including water discoloration . When you have these problems, Phosphate Remover MAX will help you remove the high levels and keep your water clear and sparkling. You can use Phosphate Remover MAX along with your regular maintenance routine to help you maintain ideal water conditions. It’s a non-hazardous product and swimmers can re-enter the water right after you apply the product. Phosphate Remover MAX is compatible with all types of sanitizing routines and filter media. It’s a non-toxic product that you can feel safe using around your family and guests. Phosphate Remover MAX won’t affect the chlorine levels in your water.

Phosphate Remover MAX is concentrated for MAXIMUM performance. In a market crowded with exaggerated claims, the Bio-Dex MAX solution is made for strength. For most efficient removal,  one Quart (32 fl.oz) of our Phosphate Remover MAX removes at the following rates:

Phosphate levels (ppb)
Pool Size 250 500 1,500 3000
5000 Gal 1oz 2oz 4oz 8oz
10,000 Gal 2oz 4oz 8oz 16oz
15,000 Gal 3oz 6oz 12oz 24oz
20,000 Gal 4oz 8oz 16oz 32oz
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