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Can TPS Protectant and Restorative be used on surfaces in and out of the water?

TPS can be used on surfaces that are both in and out of the water. It is entirely inert and will not leach anything into the water. This is particularly important when it comes to ponds and water features. When applied to surfaces such as brick, it will help prevent the white discoloration that is caused by sprinkler systems. However, as it is a flexible surface coating (to help adherence to a surface during different temperature extremes) it does not stand up very well in high traffic areas when applied to hard, non-porous surfaces

Are there any issues with using TPS Protectant and Restorative on porous rock and smooth rock? What about if there are rocks below and above the water line?

TPS will readily coat porous and smooth rock, but the appearance of the rock will change. On porous surfaces it gives a wet-like look and on smooth less porous rock it produces a more gloss-like look. Rock under the surface of water may develop a coating of bubbles initially after the water is added, but these are easily brushed off and don’t reappear.

Is TPS Protectantand Restorative inappropriate for any areas?

TPS should not be used on painted surface. It also does not stand up well in high traffic areas when it is applied to hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, it is not an ideal product for decks.

What is the difference between Poly Quat 60 and Skill-It?

Poly Quat 60 is a non-foaming quat. However, it is not an effective algaecide. It performs best as a clarifier but it will not kill algae. Skill-It is an alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride “linear quat.” It will remove difficult, resistant strains of algae which include, blue green & black. It kills the algae completely throughout the filter and even into the cracks of plaster.

How do I treat my deck with Commercial Strength Deck Cleaner?

  • The amount of product you will needs will depend on how dirty the deck is. For general cleaning, the quart bottle can be diluted. Use one quart per two gallons of water. If you have stubborn stains, do not dilute the product. Use it at full strength. Let it sit on the surface for about five minutes, then brush and rinse.
  • Brushing is necessary but the product is formulated to do most of the work. As the product sits, it will be working to remove the dirt. You can brush it while it is still wet.
  • To maintain your deck, clean it as often as necessary. The necessary frequency depends on a variety of factors including foot traffic, number of swimmers and the amount of plants and trees around the deck.
  • To seal the deck, use Protect-A-Deck. This product is applied after your deck has been cleaned. It will seal the surface and should be reapplied every season. The sealer will help to make cleaning easier in the future.
  • Commercial Strength Deck Cleaner is safe for plants, the environment and your pool water. You will not need to drain your pool if some of the product spillsin. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It’s very user friendly and still works great to clean even very dirty decks.

How do I manage copper and other metals in my water?

When pool water shows a metal content of .2ppm or above it is advisable to add Protect-All Supreme weekly or biweekly. The product is formulated to grab the metal and keep it in solution and help filter it out of the pool. It is best to run the filter for at least 24 hours after adding the product to remove as much out of the pool as possible. It will also prevent and remove scale buildup and staining.

For copper stains, use Aquadex 50 Stain-Off along with Protect-All Supreme for ideal results. The Aquadex 50 Stain-Off will remove the stains and pull the copper off of the walls. The Protect-All Supreme will grab the copper. Good filtration will help to remove it. ZEO Brite or other ZEO Lite filter media added to a sand filter will dramatically increase the fast removal of copper that has been tied up.


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