Pool Toys

Pool toys can keep children and adults entertained on hot days. They can also liven up parties. Pool noodles have become one of the most popular pool toys around. They are foam tubes that come in a variety of lengths and colors. They are popular with children but many adults enjoy them as well. They can also double as water exercise equipment. There are even floating chairs constructed out of pool noodles.


Floats are traditional pool accessories. Today, they come in more varieties than ever. There are single floats for adults and children. You can find many fun floats with popular animated characters. There are animal shaped floats like crocodiles, dragons, ducks and dolphins that can tempt even the shyest children into the water. There are multi-person floats. They come in a variety of sizes from two-person floats to floating islands that hold up to eight children. You can also find large boat-sized and cube floats that are fun for both kids and adults. There are even inflatable water wheels for the pool for kids.

Games are another option for water fun. There are many models of basketball hoops that can make for light-hearted competitive games. Some basketball nets sit at the outside of the pool. You can also find inflatable basketball hoops that float in the pool. Many pool stores sell volleyball nets which work well in larger pools. There are many diving toys that can help kids practice their swimming skills. Diving rings, sticks and flags will float to the bottom of the pool so swimmers have to go under water to pick them up. This is a good learning game for children who are working to improve their swimming skills. Water baseball gloves are also available at many retailers.

Many pool toys are simple, inexpensive and allow for creative play. Beach balls are always a hit with swimmers of all ages. Pool torpedoes are small propelling devices that shoot across the pool quickly. Players have to catch the rocket or dive underwater to get it if they aren’t fast enough. Water guns have been popular swim and outdoor toys for years. There are simple, small guns for little children. You can also find larger, water blasters that older kids will enjoy. They can create role-playing games with the water guns that will keep them busy.

Smaller children will enjoy simple toys in the pool. Rubber ducks are always a fun and inexpensive choice. You can find small floating balls that will keep toddlers and preschoolers busy. Small children who are learning to swim often enjoy pool ring floats. They will need an adult to help them navigate in the water, but the float rings can help them build confidence and skill while splashing around. Many bath toys can double as pool toys. Wind-up toys, squirting plastic toys, boats and other buoyant items will delight younger kids.

Keep in mind that flotation toys are not life-saving devices. Children and weak swimmers should be supervised carefully. Someone should always been within arms-length of each child in the pool. Avoid alcohol around the water to ensure everyone’s safety. Don’t allow anyone to run around the pool. Teach children to avoid the pool area unless they are accompanied by a trusted adult.


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