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Pool Care Tech Tips & Resources

Tech Tips & Resources

At Bio-Dex, we are here to help pool professionals, pool operators and pool owners with their pool maintenance needs. We provide concentrated product solutions to prevent and solve problems. From stain removal to acid wash, scale removal to algae killing and prevention, phosphate removal to water treatment for clarity, tile cleaning, deck cleaning, filter cleaning and more…we have what you need. Use this section for advice, resources and treatment plans to make your pool life a breeze.

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Get To Know Us! Find out why pool service professionals have trustedBio-Dex! products for more than 5 decades.

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Pool industry pros know the secret to effective pool care. Compare Bio-Dex products
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Bio-Dex, is a trusted Industry leading manufacturer of chemicals for pools & spas. Our continuous dedication to developing and improving the chemicals that make swimming pool treatment and maintenance easier and more effective is the reason Bio-Dex products have been the choice of pool service professionals for over five decades.

Our products are for anyone concerned with pool maintenance for both chlorine and salt water pools who are looking to prolong the life of a pool and protect the expensive equipment involved.

We offer a diverse line of swimming pool chemicals that are effective for both common and more involved pool maintenance.

Effective pool care starts here! Be sure to check out the entire line of Bio-Dex products.

Remove Scale Fast!

Raise water level, then apply product. Removes scale within 48 hours in most cases when used as directed.

Stain Removal!

The secret to simplifying stain removal is using the right products in the right order.


We call it The Pool Blog. It's your online resource for information about your pool and the techniques for keeping it clean clear and safe!

How do we find products we can trust?

May 21st
Rick Lockett

Shopping in today’s world can be a confusing mess. There are options everywhere. National brands, private brands, house brands, natural, organic, retail stores, e-commerce options, marketplaces, etc.. How do we sort through the noise to find the best product fits for us? Do we value brand? Do we shop by price? Do we read reviews? […]

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Product Concentration, not Dilution, is the Solution…

April 1st
Rick Lockett

The landscape of products in pool and spa specialty chemicals can be confusing and difficult. There are many brands, many products and all make various claims of effectiveness. What is the truth? What products work? What brands can you trust? Who is selling real solutions and who is mostly selling you water in a bottle? […]

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