Landscaping Tips

The landscaping around your pool serves several purposes. First, it can provide privacy around the pool area. Next, landscaping can help the pool blend in more naturally with your yard’s environment to enhance its appearance. It can also create a natural decorative element for your pool that will make you proud to host guests and show off your yard.

One of the keys to good landscaping is finding the right plants and trees. Look for items that won’t create more work for you. Some trees shed leaves and pods, which you will have to fish out of the pool on a regular basis. Pine trees will drop needles and pinecones all over the yard and into your pool. That will add to your workload as well. Fruit trees are messy and the fruit often attracts bees. People with bee allergies will have to avoid your pool. Many types of flowers also attract bees so you should limit their presence around the pool area. Watch out for plants with strong root systems as they can cause damage to the pool and its equipment.

The best landscaping items near a pool are low maintenance. There are many kinds of trees that work well and shed little debris. Look into trees like maple, dogwood, copper beach and evergreens. These trees can provide privacy and protection against wind. Ask your garden store questions about trees. You should ask how often the trees require pruning as this can add to your summer workload.

When you’re picking plants, look for ones that don’t require heavy watering. Too much water around the pool can damage decks and your pool equipment. Ask your garden store about plants that thrive in drier climates to reduce maintenance and watering.  Grass isn’t a good choice for the pool area because the clippings can get into the pool.

It’s a good idea to have slip-resistant surfaces right around the area of your pool. Many people choose concrete, brick or non-slip wooden decks. Brick patios need to be cleaned regularly so that they don’t develop slippery moss. Wooden decks require careful treatment to ensure that the wood lasts. You’ll also have to clean the deck to remove oil and slime. Don’t put dark surfaces around pools because the ground will get hot and swimmers can burn their feet.

You should always have a tall fence, at least four feet, around your yard. Some people choose to grow winding vines or honeysuckle around the fence to soften the look of the area. You can also enhance your pool area by growing flowers or pots in containers and placing them strategically around the pool. These will require regular watering but can add a charming touch to the area.

A gazebo can be a fun addition around the pool. It will provide shade and give people a place to change into swimwear and dry off after swimming. Outdoor tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes and give you a place to snack or have dinner. Tables with umbrellas are a great way to keep cool when you’re taking a break from the pool.


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