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How to Calculate the Gallons of Water in Your Pool

Disclaimer: This is not easy and cannot be determined just by auto calculations due unknown other factors.

  • For instance a Rectangular pool is Length x Width x Average depth x 7.5 gallons = gallons

The builder would only be able to calculate the capacity of the free form pool.

  • Circular: Diameter x diameter x average depth x 5.9 gallons = gallons
    Sloping walls: multiply the number of gallons by .85
  • Oval: Long diameter x short diameter x average depth x 5.9 = gallons

How to clean a pool filter

How do I acid wash a pool?

Acid washing is a powerful way to clean a pool.  Using Plaster White ‘n Brite will clean more safely and better than acid alone.   Check first to make sure the pools surface is not cracked or exposing rebar as acid washing is not recommended.

You will need the following products:

  • Plaster White ‘n Brite, which thickens the mix and removes harmful fumes.
  • Aquadex 50 Stain Off which is a metal extractor.
  • Protect All-Supreme, which controls scale, stains, rust, calcium and corrosion. You can use this before and after draining the pool.
  • Commercial grade muratic acid.
  • Protective clothing like gloves and goggles.
  • Add a gallon of BIO-DEX Protect All Supreme to the pool water a week before draining to prep the pool walls before acid washing. (Optional Step)  This will  help to loosen and remove stain and scale.
  • Drain the water.
  • Step 1.  Dilute one gallon of commercial grade swimming pool muriatic acid  into the desired amount of water.  A good “starter mix” would be one gallon of acid added into two gallons of water.  Use a 5 gallon or larger clean plastic pail.  (Always add acid to water, never add water to acid)
  • Step 2.  Add 6 to 8 ounces of BIO-DEX Plaster White ‘n Brite to the diluted acid solution.  (Keep Plaster White ‘n Brite in a warm area to allow for easy flow) Stir solution slowly for one minute to thicken, using a wood or plastic stick.  Add 6 to 8 ounces of BIO-DEX Aquadex 50 Stain Off to remove stubborn stains (optional but recommended for heavy metal stains).  You are now ready to acid wash.
  • Step 3.  Using a small plastic pail or watering can, pour the mixed solution along tile line and allow solution to run down plaster and dwell.  Brushing is optional.  Continue around the pool.  Once completely covered with mix, hose off starting where the solution was first applied.  Use BIO-DEX Spa Foam Stop to help cut down on the foam when pumping the remainder of the water out (Optional).
  • Refill adding BIO-DEX Protect All Supreme in thirds until filled.  Add Protect All Supreme monthly maintenance dose to control scale and stain.  Also add Aquadex 50 Stain-Off maintenance dose monthly if heavy metals are a problem.



How do I remove scale from my pool?

  • Raise the water line in your pool above the scale.
  • Add one quart Protect-All Supreme or Salt Protect per 20,000 gallons to the pool water.
  • Run your pool filter until the scale is removed, keeping the water line above the scale line.

How can I minimize phosphates in water?

Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover will remove 1,000 ppb per 20,000 gallons and Phosphate Remover Plus will remove 3,000 ppb per 20,000 gallons.

The product may cloud your water after use. When Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover is applied to the water, the product is able to take the phosphate and form something other than a phosphate. This element won’t have any effect on your water chemistry other than creating a cloudy condition if phosphates are present. If there are no phosphates in thewater, it will not cloud. After removing a high amount of phosphates, the filter will need to be checked and backwashed if necessary. Phosphates will not revert back once they have been treated with Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover or Phosphate Remover Plus.

To reduce the cloudy water, try adding the Phosphate Remover slowly over a period of days or weeks. This will lessen the effect on the filter as well as the extreme cloudy water. Use Clearex 500 to help clear your water quickly after using Phosphate Remover.

How do I remove stains from a salt water pool?

There are swimming pool chemicals that are specifically created to remove stains from salt water pools. Brown and yellowish stains can form when salt is left on the floor of the pool. Use Knock Out to eliminate these stains. Knock Out will eliminate the stains within 24 hours at a dosage of one pound per 20,000 gallons.

Rust stains can also form on salt water pools. To remove these stains, mix 300 Tile Cleaner with Plaster White ‘n Bright to remove the stains quickly. To improve swimming pool maintenance, seal the pool’s slate and flagstone with TPS Protectant and Restorative, which will leave an attractive finish.

How do I remove metal stains from pool walls or water features?

Aqua Pure Algaecide is a best-selling product in Arizona due to the extremes in temperature and the need for effective algae control but before applying Aqua Pure, it is very important to have balanced water: pH -7.4 to 7.6 and Total Alkalinity between 80 to 140 ppm. It is also important that the chlorine not be added to soon after application (at least 30 minutes).

Removing heavy metal including copper stains per 10,000 gallons:
First lower the water pH to 6.6 to 6.8 by adding acid.
1. 1/2 Quart Bio-Dex Protect-All Supreme
2. 1 Quart Bio-Dex Aquadex 50 Stain-Off

Circulate until stains are lifted. (Repeat if necessary) – (water will become excessively blue) Partially drain the pool and refill with fresh water. Add 5 oz Protect-All Supreme and 10 oz Aquadex 50 Stain-Off once re-filled. Balance the water. Keep the monthly maintenance dose of Aquadex 50 Stain-Off and Protect-All Supreme if heavy metals and staining are a constant problem.


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