General Pool Faqs

How do I remove calcium deposits at the bottom of the pool?

You can get quick results with Protect-All Supreme. Use two quarts for 20,000 gallons. Circulate the water for 48 hours and pour in three ounces per 20,000 gallons of Clearex 500 in the skimmer, as you will have cloudy water during after using Protect-All Supreme. Carefully watch the pool pressure and backwash when necessary. You can repeat this process again after four days if necessary.

What is the best way to remove calcium deposits at the pool waterline?

The 300 Tile Cleaner is the best calcium and scale remover available. You can use Protect-All Supreme or Salt Protect for a salt water pool. After removing scale buildup the tile can start to lose some of its shine. TPS Protectant and Restorative will help you resolve this issue. You can use Quick ‘n Thick Tile Cleaner for maintenance cleaning. Follow the steps below to eliminate the calcium/scale and make your pool tile look like new:

  • Purchase Protect-All Supreme or Salt Protect for a salt water pools.
    • Raise your water line up and over the calcium or scaledeposits.
    • Pour in one quart per 20,000 gallonsof water around the perimeter of the pool.
    • Turn on your pump and let it run for 48 hours. Keep the water line above the scale line. This product will help to loosen the scale for easier cleaning.
  • Wait for three to four days after step one.
    • Lower the water line to just below the calcium/scale and clean the tile with the 300 Tile Cleaner in small sections at a time.
    • Apply the product and let it dwell for a couple of minutes. Next, scrub with a Scotch Brite pad and rinse well before moving to the next section.
  • Now, it’s time to protect your tile for the future.
    • Let your tile dry completely and apply TPS Protectant and Restorative. This product will restore all of the shine back to your tile and will give it a “wet look”. It is a terrific sealer and will last a year. It cannot be removed after it’s applied. It won’t peel, yellow or chip and will make your tile look new again. It will also help to protect your tile and make it easier to clean.
    • Keep a maintenance dose of the Protect-All Supreme in your water (12 ounces per month or three to four ounces per week, per 20,000 gallons). It will prevent future scale buildup. Prevent the scale buildup.
  • Use Quick ‘n Thick Tile Cleaner for maintenance cleaning.
    • Wear rubber gloves when using the product. Apply Quick’n Thick to a brush, sponge or directly to the area. Scrub the area well until it is clean. Rinse the area thoroughly.

How should I treat cloudy water in my pool?

You should use swimming pool chemicals that are specifically created to clarify water. Bio-DexClearex 500 and Sunshine Sparkle Bright are effective water clarifiers than can turn your pool water bright and sparkling.

To fight the most persistent causes of cloudy water, address the oil level in the pool. Bio-Dex Oil Out can eliminate body oil, suntan oil and other oils that cause long-term cloudiness problems. It’s a good idea to use these treatments after you have had a lot of bathers in the pool.

Use one bottle of Clearex 500 per 24,000 gallons of pool water. Use two ounces per 14,000 gallons of water. The product can be used as frequently as needed because the product has no adverse effects.

To use in Sunshine Sparkle Brite, turn the filter on. Slowly pour eight ounces per 20,000 gallons of water of Sunshine Sparkle Brite through the skimmer. If necessary, you can repeat the treatment in 24 hours. To maintain clear, sparkling water, you should add three ounces per week through the skimmer while the filter is on.

How do I reduce foam in my pool or spa?

Anti-foaming products like Bio-Dex Foam Stop can reduce or remove foam from water. However, they don’t eliminate the source of the foam, which is generally caused by soaps and body oil. You shouldn’t over-use anti-foaming swimming pool chemicals. Instead, use a product like Oil-Out to solve the problem at its source.

How can I remove stubborn streaks in my pool?

Stubborn streaks are often caused by hydration discoloration in the water. If you’ve used swimming pool chemicals to treat the streaks, with no results, this is likely the problem. Hydration is a solvable problem, but you can’t treat it with swimming pool chemicals. It is caused by a moisture issue in the plaster. It’s not a plaster defect but the discoloration is caused by the plaster curing at different rates. You should ask the plaster manufacturer for recommendations on how to treat this problem.

Hydration issues can also be caused by other factors. These may include issues when the pool was originally filled like the thickness or moisture control of the gunite or plaster, the pool and/or ambient air temperature at the time or the relative humidity of the pool. Another common hydration problem involves hydration rings at the bottom of the pool. These occur when the hose gets shut off and started again. Icicle-shaped streaks are caused by rain storms which send water over the deck and into the pool and along the walls before the pool was completely filled. If the day was hot, dry or the plaster was setting quickly, these stains would be more likely.


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