Fun With Friends

One of the best parts of owning a pool is inviting friends and family over to enjoy it. The summer is a great time to host informal gatherings for adults and children alike. You can make your party fun by taking some simple steps ahead of time.

First, make sure you have some basic supplies for the outdoors. You should have plenty of towels for guests. Stock up on sunscreen so there is plenty available. You might consider buying inexpensive flip-flops for guests to wear on the hot ground. Other good supplies to have on hand are goggles, swim vests and insecticide. Set aside an area in a bathroom or other private place for guests to change in and out of swimwear. Make sure everyone knows where the restroom is.

Get your pool in the best shape you can before guests arrive. You should check the water chemicals to make sure everything is in balance. If your pool has too much chlorine, it can irritate people’s skin and eyes. If chemical levels are too low, the water won’t be properly sanitized. Vacuum the pool before the gathering so that it looks clean and sparkling. Many people choose to keep the filter running while guests are around so that the water stays as clean as possible.

You should have snacks around to keep your guests comfortable. Swimming makes people hungry and they’ll appreciate whatever you offer. If it’s particularly hot, try putting popsicles or other frozen treats in a cooler to help guests cool off. Make sure you have plenty of fluids available so that people don’t get overheated. You can set out simple drinks like water pitchers, iced lemonade or soda cans in a cooler. Juice boxes are very popular with children but be sure to have plenty because kids go through them fast.

Always keep food safety in mind when serving guests in the summer. Temperatures rise quickly and food can spoil and lead to illness. Avoid dips with mayonnaise or sour cream, which spoil fast. If you are serving dips, try guacamole or hummus, which won’t deteriorate quickly. Fruits and vegetables are popular at pool parties because guests can serve themselves whenever they are hungry. Set out special snacks for children, like fish-shaped crackers, graham crackers, fruit snacks or other kid-friendly snacks.

The right games and toys can liven up any pool party. Pool noodles are popular toys with both children and adults. Water guns can be fun if they don’t irritate guests. You may want to restrict water gun play to a certain part of the yard or pool. In addition to the pool, you can set up sprinklers for kids to run through in the yard. There are specially made basketball nets for pools. These nets may attach to the side or float in the water. Older kids enjoy playing basketball or volleyball in the pool. You can also supply beach balls, diving rings, water torpedoes and floats to keep guests entertained.


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