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Why should you consider being a Bio-Dex dealer? Bio-Dex has created quality products for swimming pool maintenance and spa care for over 40 years. They sell a variety of swimming pool chemicals that include products for removing algae, removing stain and scale and adjusting water hardness. They also have products that remove oil, clear cloudy water, treat severely stained pools and help owners keep the areas around their pools looking their best. Using quality products like Bio-Dex swimming pool chemicals and swimming pool maintenance items will help you provide outstanding service to your customers.

Bio-Dex customers rely on Bio-Dex pool and spa care experts to help them maintain their pools and spas. They build relationships with dealers over time when they see effective results. Bio-Dex swimming pool chemicals are effective and easy to use. Bio-Dex provides regular training and updates for dealers so that they can use and give quality advice about swimming pool maintenance.

Bio-Dex has a variety of well-known swimming pool chemicals that you and your customers can trust. These include Oil Out, Plaster White ‘n Brite, Salt Protect, Aqua Pure and Skill-It. The company also offers a number of spa products including Spa Foam Stop, Spa Super Sparkle, Spa Stain Off, Spa Oil Out and Spa Super Protect. The company offers a tile care system that includes four products that clean, protect and restore tile. Bio-Dex also offers many of their swimming pool chemicals in gallon sizes targeted towards professional pool cleaners.

The company provides marketing and advertising products that will help you get in touch with prospective customers. There are materials that you can customize with your business information, including ads, video and direct mail information. Effective advertising will help bring customers to your store and will encourage them to try new products.

Bio-Dex provides you with a direct company contact that will help you improve your business through the company’s products. The contact can help you develop a strategic plan for your company. The contact will also assist you in arranging educational opportunities for you and your employees. Your Bio-Dex representative will help you learn more about swimming pool maintenance and using swimming pool chemicals more effectively. The representative can help you learn more about water analysis and treatment. He or she can also advise you on government regulations that affect you and your customers.

Bio-Dex offers many resources on swimming pool maintenance. The company offers videos and literature on a variety of topics. There are informational resources on acid washing, removing scale, lowering phosphate levels, treating cloudy water, removing calcium deposits, minimizing foam and dealing with stains. The company also offers detailed resources on using swimming pool chemicals that deal with specific water problems.

Bio-Dex offers incentives to their dealers – quality products that help you build long-lasting relationships with customers.  They are also working on building additional programs.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a dealer, please complete the form below and a member of the Bio-Dex sales team will be in touch.


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