Product Concentration, not Dilution, is the Solution…

The landscape of products in pool and spa specialty chemicals can be confusing and difficult. There are many brands, many products and all make various claims of effectiveness. What is the truth? What products work? What brands can you trust? Who is selling real solutions and who is mostly selling you water in a bottle?

Clearly, when buying specialty chemicals…the last thing you need is water; what you need is the active ingredient in the product. After all, that is what does the work! Ultimately, you are buying the result; not the product. You are not buying a clarifier; you are buying clear water in your pool. You are not buying an algaecide, you are buying an algae free pool. You are not buying a scale remover, you are buying a pool free from scale.

One key to evaluating products is their relative strength. This is most easily evaluated based on the dosage required for treatment but also can im pact the amount of time required for treatment. Products can vary in strength by up to 20 times or more. Diluted products may be less expensive, but they are rarely a better value. Be educated and compare. The difference can be extreme both in dollars saved and product performance. Simply put, concentrated products work better and will save significant money in the long run.

So, as you look at products, focus on the result and cost benefit…not necessarily the price point. If a bottle of chemical costs $15 and effectively treats 640,000 gallons of water…but another brand that costs the same, or perhaps even 10% less, only treats 64,000 gallons of water…which is the better value? The cost per dose will be wildly different! Don’t forget time of treatment as well. Some products that are designed for the same purpose can vary in treatment effectiveness from 2 days to 6 weeks to achieve the result you are buying!

To put it directly, do not be fooled by watered down products. They will cost significantly more to use. Trust brands that focus on concentrated products, have a long-term history and loyal fans in the professional trade. Pros know the secrets. They have learned these lessons the hard way.

At Bio-Dex Laboratories, we believe Product Concentration, Not Dilution, is the Solution. Try our products, check our dosages and you will see the difference.


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