Should Tile Cleaning be a weight training exercise?

We’ve all seen it…scale on tile, stone or other surface at the pool water line so thick it looks like ice. Thick enough you need a hammer and chisel to get it off…or you can scrub until your arms and shoulders get a nice muscle pump. Could be a new workout of the day for your local gym, or a new hot exercise for bodybuilders or even a cardio workout if you really go after it. For the average pool owner, service technician or pool professional this is not a pleasant or productive use of time. Thankfully, there are other answers to this problem!

If you want the exercise, and bigger biceps, get your scrub pad or pumice stone and go to work!

If you have thick scale already, fear not! There is no need to bust your biceps. Scale can be removed with no scrubbing at all through the use of a chemical scale remover. Scale treatments and removers are not created equal. Many scale treatments can take days or weeks to remove this unsightly blemish so choose your product carefully. At Bio-Dex , we believe in concentration and highly effective solutions…and our product is designed to work in as little as 24 hours! Simply raise the water line above the scale and add 1 quart of Protect All Supreme (Salt Protect for Salt pools) per 20,000 gallons of pool water and circulate for 24-48 hours. If the water line also contains oily buildup, you should also use a strong enzyme for easier removal. Using 1 oz of Bio-Dex Enzyme Oil-Out per 10,000 gallons will greatly assist in the efficiency of removal. In many cases, the scale will be completely removed; in others, you may have to simply wipe it off. For severe cases, this dose can be doubled or the process repeated. If scale remains after this treatment it will have been softened and/ or reduced in its severity by this treatment and it is time to bring out the tile cleaner.

Tile cleaners also vary in strength, purpose and effectiveness. Many are good for light scale or a film on the wall but will not handle thicker scale or heavy buildup. For tile or water line cleaning in normal or situations use our standard strength Bio-Dex Quick and Thick Tile Cleaner per label directions, always testing a small area for removal, amount and time to leave the solution on the area. Once tested, treat small areas at a time and wipe down or lightly scrub. This product can be used on nearly any pool waterline including tile, stone, glass, vinyl and fiberglass.

For stubborn, thicker scale, you will need something stronger, and likely a professional or commercial grade product. For this you can use our highly concentrated, professional strength Bio-Dex #300 Tile Cleaner . #300 has been the choice of professionals for decades. Again: #300 is very concentrated and will dissolve scale in just minutes. Again, always test on a small area first, treat small sections at a time and follow closely all safety instructions.

Now that the scale is gone, I think we will all agree that preventing its return should be a priority! A scale prevention chemical is a must. A simple prevention program on a 20,000 gallon pool using 12 oz of Bio-Dex Protect All Supreme (or Salt Protect in salt pools) monthly and 1 oz of Bio- Dex Enzyme Oil Out weekly will provide protection from this unsightly eyesore. In this case a few ounces of prevention is truly worth pounds of cure!

Check out our website for a variety of proven, concentrated solutions. 59 years serving the pool and spa industry and still going strong!

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