Acid Wash or No Drain Clean the Bio-Dex Way

Despite the recent Polar Vortex, widespread cold and snow, believe it or not, the swim season is approaching in many pool markets. That said, its time to plan to get that pool surface in shape and looking sharp!

A well done Acid Wash is a fantastic way to remove stains and restore the beauty of your pool’s surface. However, pool acid can be difficult to work with, can cause an uneven look on the pool surface due to streaking and the fumes can be dangerous. On top of all that, acid alone may not be enough to handle stubborn stains. It may also not be practical or feasible to drain the pool and a No Drain Clean may be the better option.

Acid Wash the Bio-Dex Way

Bio-Dex has the product solutions to make acid washing safe and effective. Simply follow our simple process using our Bio-Dex Protect All Supreme to pre-treat the pool walls and tile for stain and scale removal, our Bio-Dex Plaster White and Brite acid wash additive to thicken the acid solution and reduce fumes and Bio-Dex Aquadex Stain Off 50 as a booster to remove stains….and you’ll be ready for swim season.

No Drain Clean

If you can’t drain your pool to acid wash, you can still have a bright new surface in 48-72 hours following our process for a No Drain Clean using Bio-Dex Protect All Supreme, Aquadex 50 Stain Off and Clearex 500 Clarifier. If organic stains and coloration are present you may also add our Enzyme Oil Out to the process to increase the removal effect.

Don’t forget to start that pool the right way and keep that surface in shape; dose with Bio-Dex products- Protect All Supreme for stain and scale prevention, Oil Out Enzyme to remove organics and Clearex 500 Clarifier to start with and maintain crystal clear water in your pool. Finally, add Bio-Dex Liquid Conditioner/ Stabilizer to protect your chlorine from the sun…and test for phosphates and treat with Phosphate Remover as needed.

Click here for the detailed instructions on how to Acid Wash the Bio-Dex way and our No Drain Clean system approach.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy that pool!

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