5 Smart Ways To Stay Hydrated This Year

Staying hydrated is very beneficial to our health in many ways. You can start the new year with less stress, an increase in muscle tone, glowing skin, more energy and even weight loss all while keeping  your body hydrated. You will notice less head aches and joint pain and your ability to concentrate will sky rocket all while including these helpful hints into your everyday routine.

Eat Your Water

Snacking on any of these high water concentrated fruits and veggies throughout the day will give you a boost of hydration.

Cucumber 96.7%

Celery 95.4%

Iceberg lettuce 95.6%

Broccoli 90.7%

Baby carrots 90.4%

Watermelon 91.5%

Grapefruit 90.5%

Starfruit 91.4%

Cantaloupe 90.2%

Strawberries 91%

Any of these fruits and vegetables can be turned into a party dish for friends and family so everyone can stay hydrated. How To Assemble An Awesome Vegetable Platter and 14 Fruit Party Platters offers some decorative ideas if you’re planning on having guests over for a day by the pool.


Combining a variety of water based fruits with electrolyte-rich coconut water can really boost your hydration. Magnesium and sodium support hydration and can be added to any smoothie.

Watch the Alcohol

Consuming excess alcohol can effect your body’s ability to absorb water. Tone the alcohol down a notch or follow every drink with a class of water. Avoiding alcohol is key.

Your Cell Phone

What is a better way to stay hydrated then to receive reminders on your phone to drink water? Now you can download apps like My Water Balance on any smart phone or My Water on any apple device. With these apps you can find out how much water intake is right for your specific gender and weight as well as getting notified to drink water throughout the day.

Fresh Squeezed Juice

Who doesn’t like a nice glass of fresh squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice with their breakfast? If you want to get more creative, you can combine all kinds of fruits and vegetables into a juicing machine. The amount of juicing recipes are never ending.  Squeezing some lemon or lime juice into your water bottle encourages rehydration. You can also purchase hydration packets like Liquid I.V. which can make your glass of water up to three times more hydrating!







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