Five Reasons Why Swimming Lessons Are Good For Your Baby

When it comes to your child’s safety and well being, all parents want the best for their baby. Swimming lessons for infants have become very popular in today’s society and has been known to benefit your child in ways you may not even know.

1. Swimming lessons can improve your child’s development
When baby is in the water gliding and splashing around, they are becoming more coordinated. They are using muscles they didn’t know they had, thus helps them reach their milestones quicker. The exercise they get from being in the water also prevents child obesity which is more common now among infants. Babies also use all five senses while in the water:

  • touch
  • taste
  • smell
  • sight
  • sound

When your child experiences these functions it adds to their brain growth and development.

2. May save your child from drowning
Children ages 1-4 years old have the highest drowning rate next to children ages 5-9 years old according to the WHO. Although it is always cautioned that you never let your child near water without supervision, accidents do happen. When you or someone you know takes your child to a home or place where they have access to water, you can feel more confident about your child being in such circumstances. Many swimming lessons today offer “self-rescue” techniques so your child can float on his/her back and cry for help.

3. Promotes social skills
Bonding with your little one in the pool is one of the best way your baby can advance socially. Swimming lessons are great because your baby not only bonds with their parent/caretaker, but they can interact with other babies and the instructor. They learn to share their space and explore movements with each other which makes them feel apart of a community. Feeling of belonging makes the baby feel loved and special.

4. Boosts confidence and independence
The positive experience leads to a happy baby. Studies have show that babies and small children who participated in swimming lessons had more self confidence and independence than children who did not. They were also able to adapt to new situations more easily. With swimming lessons your child experiences praise, acquiring a life saving skill and learning how to be good at something.

5. Advance your child’s academics
While your infant is splashing around in the pool, she is learning cross-patterning movements which helps the brain grow. This functioning improves reading skills, academic learning, language development and spatial awareness.  The social interactions the infant experiences in the water also plays a role in brain growth.

To sum it up swimming lessons can play a huge role in your child’s development and could possibly save their life all the while creating a great bonding experience.

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