What Kind of Water Safety Precautions Are Necessary?

When you own a swimming pool, you will need to take safety precautions to make sure no gets hurt or drowns. Most drownings in swimming pools and hot tubs are preventable with common sense and safety precautions. So below are some suggestions on how to keep your pool safe and reduce liability:

  • Post signs which explain the rules and regulations governing the use of your pool for all swimmers. Also, by posting signs, your homeowners insurance will be in effect if there is an accident.
  • Using a safety pool cover when the pool isn’t in use. This will help to prevent accidents which involve children and also keep unwanted people from using your pool.
  • Keep gates and fences locked when the pool isn’t in use. Also installing a pool alarm that alerts you when the gate is opened is a further safety step. Some insurance companies have specific requirements concerning the height of fences, specifications on gates and even what the fence should be made of too. Plus, most insurance companies won’t insure you without fencing around your pool.
  • After swimming, remove any floating devices such as rafts or pool toys from the pool. If left in the pool, children may become curious and try to go in after them which may lead to a drowning.
  • Make sure there is adult supervision at all times when children are either in the pool or around it. Also you should never let children swim alone or unsupervised. Even experienced swimmers can run into trouble if swimming alone.
  • Have some type of communication device available and close to the pool in case of an emergency and get help as quickly as possible. Also, keep life jackets on hand for inexperienced swimmers; plus, other lifesaving equipment such as a safety pole or a life preserver to help a swimmer in distress to climb out of the pool. Too, having a built in ladder can give easier access for getting out of the pool.
  • Install non-slick surfaces around your pool so injuries can be prevented by someone slipping and falling.

Keeping your pool safe is your responsibility, and one that should be taken seriously at all times.

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