What to Know About Diving Boards

One of the accessories some people who own a swimming pool can’t do without is a diving board. Because diving off a diving board into a swimming pool and feeling the cool water come up to meet you can be a thrilling experience. First you’re in the air and then you’re deep under the water, kicking your feet to get back up to the surface. But what are some things you should know and do about diving boards before you have one installed in your pool?

diving-boardFirst of all, you’ll have to enforce sensible safety rules. One of the rules for the diving board then should be no running. Running goes with tripping, and tripping and pools are a bad combination. Also, there should only be one person on the diving board at a time to help ensure that no one is in the water below the person who is going to dive. Having someone dive on top of another person; or a pool toy for that matter, can cause injury. So having a diving board does present extra responsibility on everyone’s part.

In addition, you will have to check with your insurance agent to see how having a diving board might affect your homeowner’s insurance. Sometimes additional insurance may have to be purchased because of the chance of a diving board accident.

Too, when making the decision which diving board you want in your pool, choose one with a fiberglass coat which has a non-slip surface which is heavy duty. Now there’s two basic types of diving boards to choose from, a simple platform and a spring one. The choice is actually based on your preferences since both are equally safe. Also to maintain a diving board is fairly simple, but you have to check for cracks regularly. If you find one, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Too, check the non-skid surface often for wear and tear which may be caused by heavy usage and the sun. You can fix the board yourself with a resurfacing kit.

Lastly, check with your municipality or city government for any ordinances that cover diving boards.

To close, having your diving board installed by a professional will give you peace of mind and avoid potential hazards or injuries from improper installation.

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