How Do Pool Safety Nets Work?

small-childA pool safety net is another option to help keep your swimming pool or spa safe if you don’t have a vertical fence. You can also use it as an extra barrier. Now a pool safety net sits on the pool when not in use and only has small openings which helps to prevent a child’s head from going through it and drowning in your swimming pool. The small openings also make it very difficult to walk across or move across for child or pet.

Now the nets are made from solid mesh or mesh that has drain panels. Also some pool nets are made specially for when you close the pool after the swimming season and are an advisable choice to help prevent accidental drownings. As opposed to a tarp which is held in place by sandbags or by water jugs; and can develop small water lakes or become slimy, these lakes and slipperiness don’t happen with a mesh net. So when the safety cover is secured, it lays tight and flat; and it doesn’t have gaps between the cover and the surface of the pool as in a tarp where a too curious child who ventures onto a tarp is actually almost walking on air or water. Plus, if the tarp collapses it’s almost impossible to climb out of and this can become a potential drowning hazard.

Another thing about mesh nets is that they may last up to 40 years if taken care of properly; they are light and easy to handle though durable. Also, keep in mind, water flows through mesh so you will need to use a winterizing kit when closing your pool for the season. Too, when considering which safety pool net to choose, talk to a pool professional to see what style to use and how it works. Importantly if you buy a net for daily use for when the swimming is over for that day, make sure the closing person can remove and re-cover the pool net easily alone. Buying a pool safety net that is too bulky or hard to manage will defeat the purpose of using it if it’s too difficult to handle.

Buying a pool safety net is just one more added layer of protection for you and your family.

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