Do Ants Cause Problems Under Pavers?

Pavement ants don’t cause structural damage to swimming pool pavers or cause any major health problems. They’re a nuisance more than anything else. The ants will take advantage of cracks between the paver stones though around your swimming pool and set up colonies which can grow as large as having 10,000 ants. They will also set up home under patios and the foundations of buildings which sit on concrete slabs. However; what really can make these ants pests is that they can find entrances into homes and establish their nests in the insulation and walls of a home. In addition, they can make build nests under the floors too. This is because once they are in their tiny bodies enable them to move through miniscule cracks and crevices that are in all homes. It further means that once in a home that they can find their way to food stored in kitchens and pantries.

antsSo just what do pavement ants eat? These ants will eat just about anything from subterranean termites, to other insects living in the soil, to grease; bread, honey and sugar. To do this these ants will travel as far as 30 feet from their colony to forage and leave a chemical trail for others to follow. Now if they do get into your home, by leaving bacteria, germs and dirt behind on the surfaces of your counter; they can also contaminate your food and the surfaces of your dining area.

To know if you have an infestation, look for soil particles in small piles that look like sand around your pavers or foundation. This is because as the ants build and expand their colony, they push the debris and dirt out of the nest. The piles are usually in the cracks of the pavers or around cracks in foundations. So to try to prevent an infestation, make sure all visible cracks and openings in the foundations are sealed. Clean up piles of wood and leaves too which can be potential nesting sites.

If the infestation gets out of hand, you may have to call a pest control specialist to take care of the problem.

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