How to Keep the Pool Liner Lasting Longer

Repairs on swimming pool vinyl liners or replacing them can become costly so it’s important to do whatever you can to keep your pool liner in good shape. Now a pool liner usually lasts about 8 years, but this depends on how well the liner was installed too and then maintained; plus how rough on the pool your pools swimmers were, So below are some tips on how to extend the life of your swimming pool liner:

• Keep your eye on the level of the pool water. This way you can detect if you have a leak or if it’s just evaporation. However; if the water level drops very quickly, then you have a leak and fixing it as soon as possible is advisable. Because if the leak isn’t fixed quickly then the liner can be ruined and then have to be replaced.

• Don’t pump water out of your pool if it looks dirty, clean the water with the proper chemicals instead. By pumping out the water, it exposes the liner to shrinkage and then it can tear.

• Vinyl pool liners aren’t very thick and puncture easily. Try to remove from the pool anything that would cause damage to the pool like sticks floating around or stones that have fallen onto the bottom. Also, make sure that swimmers don’t bring sharp objects into the pool.

• Always maintain a proper chemical balance. Make sure you follow the manufacturer of the pool liner’s instruction carefully. Plus; maintain a pH of 7 or slightly higher. If the pool is kept too acidic it will damage the liner.

• Make sure the only equipment used in the pool to clean it is designed to prevent rips and tears in the vinyl lining.

• Keep the filtration system properly maintained so that it will remove impurities and debris properly.

•When treating your pool with granulated chlorine or chlorine tablets, always dissolve the chemical in a bucket of water before adding to the pool. If chlorine is added directly, it can damage the pool liner when it settles on it.

Adding some years to your pool liner isn’t difficult; most of it is just common sense.

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