How to Move an Above Ground Pool

baby swimmingYou have decided that you want to move and take your swimming pool with you. Can this be done, or will you have to leave your swimming pool and the happy memories behind? Well it can be done if your pool is a good candidate for moving like a resin or oval pool. So with this in mind, below are some tips about moving your pool safely:

• Inspect your pool closely to see if there are any reasons why it shouldn’t be moved. So carefully pull back the grass of your yard that is around the pool and look at the bottom track and the bottom plates; plus the screws. If you notice they are rotted, then your pool should just stay put. A steel pool will have a normal amount of rust which is fine and unavoidable though. Another thing too is that you should see if the manufacturer of the pool is still in business in case you need spare parts.

• Check the a-frames for rot if your pool is oval. The straps which run underneath the pool may be rusted which is fine. With an oval pool, the less you take apart the better though, so take everything as is from one A-frame to the other when you are ready to do this step.

• Now the start of the whole process involves cutting out the liner after draining the pool and removing it (you will need to buy a new pool liner). Next, remove the wall bolts that connect the wall together which are usually found in one place. The wall is not sturdy so have one person holding it on the inside and another on the outside. If the bolts are tight you may need some WD-40 or similar to help loosen them; but don’t strip them. You will also be removing the skimmer and the return fitting.

• After the wall bolts are removed, then remove all the uprights. Next roll the wall tightly together as much as possible and duct tape it. This will take about 3 people to do it correctly. Disconnect the filter system and take apart the bottom track pieces then and pick up any parts left also. Rinse everything with water afterwards, and carefully load the pool up for transport. Then install that pool again like you did the first time with the pool site cleared first. You may need a professional contractor for the install; however.

As you can see, you may be able to take it with you. Always seek a professional’s help.

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