How to Open Your Swimming Pool

closed-poolAll pool owners wait in anticipation for the opening of the swimming pool; especially the new pool owner. Thoughts of long lazy days floating around on pool rafts fill the head, and the thought of summer barbeques can make your mouth drool. However; the first step is actually getting the pool open and ready for swimming season. So, below are the general steps to open your pool for both expert and novice:

  1. First of all, check your pool chemicals: Make sure your pool chemicals are usable and replace the ones that need replaced.
  2. Remove your pool cover: If your pool cover is solid, make sure you pump all the excess water off of it. Then remove all the debris which has collected over the winter. By carefully removing both the standing water and the debris, it will simplify the cleaning process. If your cover is mesh though, let the snow melt through the mesh and into the pool. Now add pool shock about 2 weeks before you actually start the opening of your pool. Finally, store your pool cover properly.
  3. Fill your pool with water: Take all the winter plugs out of the inlet or skimmer plus the skimmer guards. Then fill your pool 2/3rds of the way up the face of the skimmer faceplate with fresh water. Make sure you inspect the skimmer for any leaks or cracks.
  4. The filter and pump: Be sure the basket strainers are placed properly and free of debris and are in operating condition. Check the lines to make sure they are open too. Start the pump and filter system, backwash the filter if necessary; changing the diatomaceous earth when needed throughout the process
  5. Use the pool skimmer to skim the bottom of the pool to remove any heavy debris.
  6. Filter and circulate: Add a clarifier so your filter can remove little particles. Next hook up your vacuum and vacuum the entire pool. Use a wall brush to remove any algae or debris on the walls. When all the debris is cleaned up, then shock your pool and let water circulate overnight.
  7. Testing: Next test the pool for chlorine levels and pH levels. Then add conditioner and your pool is ready to go

Opening your pool can be a chore, but the rewards outweigh the work!

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