The Best time of Year to Buy a Pool

Child learning to swimObviously the best time to buy a swimming pool is when you are ready for a swimming pool. However; the best time to install a pool is something altogether different. Plus, each season does have its pluses and minuses here when it comes to pool installation. So below you will find information about each season’s effect in dealing with pool installation costs and other possible problems each season brings for installation of a pool:

  • Spring: This is when the yen for a swimming pool really gets you going. Unfortunately, this is also the time everyone else starts thinking about pools too. Now you will get the full use of a pool if it’s installed in the spring, but finding a good deal for cost is difficult at this time of year. Also pool installers may already have a full schedule with little room for new orders, and pool suppliers don’t have a need to lower their prices on pool supplies either to attract business.
  • Summer: Installing a pool during early or mid-summer is the worst time of year to install a new pool. Pool prices are still at top price; pool installers have a packed schedule, and half the summer may be gone before the pool is even installed. Plus, having your backyard all ripped up for weeks on end during the summer holidays can put a real damper on things. But with this all said, if you find a pool installer to do the job, you will be ready for next year’s opening season.
  • Fall: Installing a pool in the fall does have its advantages. You can get better bargains on pool prices; the pool building contractors aren’t as busy, and you can get a deal on pool supplies at closeout sales. On the downside, unless you live in a place where it’s warm all year round, you won’t get to use your pool until the following year.
  • Winter: Winter may be an excellent time to buy a pool if you live in a warmer climate. If you live where the winter has snow though, then it’s probably impossible to install a pool. Plus, builders usually shut up shop over the winter months until spring. Also, the new pricing actually starts to take effect for the new year coming, and there are rarely any bargains.

Still, in everything dealing with swimming pools, you won’t get your pool until you install your pool.

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