Why Use a Phosphate Remover in Your Pool?

You may wonder if you even have phosphate in your swimming pool and if you do, how it even got into your water. However; a few signs that phosphate has snuck into your swimming pool when your back was turned are:

  • Water which is cloudy and green
  • Surfaces of your pool that are slippery and slimy to the touch
  • Debris floating around which is green or mustard colored
  • If you notice you’re using more chemicals to get the same results
  • And finally, if you have poor water quality

So, why do these things happen to your pool with phosphate. Well, when phosphates are present in your pool, they are a food buffet for all kinds of algae. You may as well post an “All you can eat” sign on the side of your pool.  Now phosphates get into your pool from rain water that falls into your pool during rain storms. It’s also in the landscaping fertilizer that your neighbor may have just fertilized his garden with and the wind blows across the surface of the water in your pool. Plus, since phosphate is a plant food, and algae is a plant; well you can see where this is going. What is good though is that if you remove the phosphate, the algae won’t have this as food to eat.

21805444_sTo close, the phosphate level at maximum should be at 0.1 ppm in your pool. When it goes over this, the slime begins to show up and the water quality drops. So what can you do to get rid of unwanted algae and bring your phosphate levels down? There are products on the market which can be used instead of draining your pool. Phosphate Remover Plus is one product which can help. It’s not only non-toxic, but it also non-hazardous and swimmers can go into your pool right after the product is used. It also doesn’t affect your chlorine levels either and can be used with any filtering system.

So why have a green slimy pool when you can have a crystal clear blue one? So eliminate the phosphates!

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