Pool Ladders, Steps and Handrails for In-ground Pools

homeowner-poolUsing the right type of swimming pool accessories for your in-ground pool is important. Choosing the correct type of swimming pool accessories like ladders, pool steps and handrails is more than just picking features for your pool for their looks or pizazz, but these are also important for swimming safety. So below is some information on pool ladders; pool steps and handrails which you may find useful:

  • In-ground pool ladders: These ladders usually have 3 steps, but there are also 2 step and 4-step ladders. The ladders are basically treads, usually using stainless steel tubes for gripping. If you are putting the ladders in yourself, they are usually shipped unassembled with the ladder bumpers, ladder treads, escutcheon plates and the hardware for assembly in the box shipped in depending on the style of ladder. These ladders usually will hold up to 250 pounds and can be installed into existing deck sockets.
  • In-wall pool ladders: Another type of ladder which is used in an in-ground pool is called an in-wall pool ladder. These use 2-4 treads which are recessed. The ladder is set into the concrete or vinyl pool wall. These ladders are usually not used in a pool that already exists, but can be installed if you should want to replace that ladder which gives you trouble with your pool cover; or if you want to change the appearance of your pool.
  • Steps: Now pool ladders can cause some issues with swimmers who are elderly, who are handicapped; or who have trouble getting in and out of the pool. So, in-pool steps may be more feasible for use by these type of swimmers. If your pool was built without steps though it’s a major undertaking to install these type of steps afterwards into the pool. However; you can still buy drop-in steps that can be easily positioned at the shallow end of your pool to solve pool entrance and exit problems.
  • Hand rails: Hand rails are often overlooked and underappreciated. But to tired swimmers, hand rails lend a helping hand when they’re getting out of the pool. The most important thing about hand rails though is that they help with access and exiting a pool entrance safely regardless.

Remember keeping your swimmers safe is important.

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