The Best Pool Ladder for Your Above Ground Pool

What type of swimming pool ladder will suit your needs best for an above ground pool? Well, first ask yourself some questions like: Do you have elderly or handicapped swimmers who will be using your swimming pool? Or are the people young and healthy? Another good question is, do you or don’t you have a pool deck?

So if you have elderly or handicapped swimmers who are going to be using your pool then a pool entry system is best. This type is more expensive, but it will hold more weight, and it’s easier to use than a simple pool ladder. This type of entry system has a flat service which then leads down to steps for easy entry into the pool. It come in two styles; one made out of plastic resin, and the other type is made with an aluminum frame with steps that are plastic resin. There is a lesser danger of anyone falling or tripping with this type of entry system.

Now if your swimmers are your average group of family and friends where everyone is healthy, then an A-frame ladder can be installed. These ladders are fairly inexpensive, and they’re easy to climb in and out of the pool with. The ladders come in 3 basic styles. Plastic steps with an aluminum frame, or a stainless steel frame with the steps made from plastic resin or the entire ladder is made from plastic resin.

If your pool has a pool deck, then you have yet another option. You can buy pool ladders and pool steps which will connect to the deck with bolts or screws. Then all you have do is drop the ladder right into the water without a problem.

If your pool doesn’t have a deck, then there are three common pool entry systems which you can choose from. One is the standard A-frame ladder which is a ladder that allows you to climb up and down into and out of your pool. The second choice is an A-frame ladder with a stair entry system where you can climb up the ladder, but it has a step that lets you ease down into the pool. The third type is an A-Frame with a stair entry system on both sides. It’s easier to get in and out of the pool with this type, but it is the most expensive.

So there you have some pool ladder tips

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