Making a Schedule for Pool Maintenance

Taking care of a swimming pool doesn’t have to fall all on your shoulders; there are some chores that can be delegated to other family members. You can make a simple schedule, and post it somewhere where everyone can see it. On it, assign different chores to different family members, and write their name beside each chore dealing with the swimming pool. Have a space beside each chore for a check so you know which chore was completed. Make sure the chores also are age appropriate, and remember pools can be dangerous if the child is too young to go unsupervised. To close the introduction, you can use the tips below in making your schedule up.

40125176_sPool Schedule
Make sure you vacuum at least once a week. If it gets dirtier sooner, then vacuum when needed. If you’re cleaning with an automatic pool cleaner, the longer its run; the better.

Skim and brush your pool 2x a week. If leaves or debris is a daily problem, clean those out daily and empty the skimmer baskets daily too.

Make sure the pump is run 10-12 hours daily to keep your pool crystal clear and clean.
Treat your pool with chemicals two times a week. Check your 3-way chemical checks at least twice a week. This way your pool is always clean, cloud free and ready to go.

Shock your pool at least once a week. If you have a pool party with lots of swimmers, shock it after everyone is gone too.

Don’t forget to 6-way water test your pool water at least once a month or have a professional do it for you.

Make a safety check on all ladders and equipment every other month for wear and tear.

Pick an organization method which works best for you whether it’s written on the calendar, as a schedule on the refrigerator, on post-it notes in a convenient place or used as an app on your phone.

Keep in mind that a clean pool is a safer pool!

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