Shrubs and Trees to Avoid Putting Around a Pool Area

You have installed your swimming pool, filled it with water but what about around the outside of the pool? You may have had to tear out some bushes and trees when you’ve installed the pool. So what kind of shrubs and trees could cause a problem which you should also avoid planting around your new swimming pool? Below are some of these:

2246791_sTrees which are messy: These are the type of trees which shed needles, leaves, seeds and bark. These type of trees will litter in your pool which makes it more difficult to keep your pool clean. Plus it will raise your phosphate levels, and the debris will consume your sanitizers.

Trees or bushes which bear fruit: The problem with fruit bearing trees and bushes isn’t just the mess that’s made when the berries land on your deck and into your pool, but what the fruit attracts. Berries can attract bees, hornets and flies which may make swimming an issue. Plus; in addition to the berries stains mentioned, berries can clog up your filter system.

Trees, plants and bushes that flower: Yes, the flowers are beautiful, and they give off a lovely scent; and if you use low plants or bushes, then there isn’t much issue. However; if you use larger plants then the dead blooms can get into your pool; plus there will be bees because of pollen gathering.
Bushes which are thorny: Rose bushes, aloe and cactus are great deterrents as a layer of protection around your pool, but these can be painful if they come in contact with swimmers.

Bushes and trees which have invasive roots: Trees should be planted at least 15 feet from your pool so their root system doesn’t interfere with your pool. Mulberry, Maple or Elm trees shouldn’t be planted near your pool at all because of the massive root system which can harm the shell of your pool.

It’s just as important to know what not to plant as well as what to plant. Just be cautious and read about the tree or bush you’re planning on adding to your yard.

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