Should You Install a Pool Alarm?

19773831_sA swimming pool alarm is an extra safety measure to be used if you have small children or pets. It will goes off if a small child or a pet comes within the perimeter of the swimming pool or should fall into the pool. Now a pool alarm isn’t to be used as the only means of pool safety and should be used along with supervision and pool fencing.

Additionally pool alarms come in four main categories which include the above ground alarm, the floating pool alarm, a submerged alarm and a wristband alarm. Below are descriptions of each alarm:

Above ground: One type of above ground pool alarm has a beam of infrared light. The beam is invisible and can be adjusted to the height of your smallest child or grandchild or pet. If the beam is broken a piercing alarm is sounded. The disadvantage to this type of alarm is if the wind is really blowing, if it’s hit accidently or blocked by something; then the alarm will sound.

Sentry type alarm: This type of alarm is a combination of heat sensor with a motion detector. It will cover an area of 150 degrees or more and since inanimate objects don’t have a heat signature, the alarm can’t be tripped them.

Floating and submerged pool alarms: A floating alarm can be attached to a pool ladder, and it will bob around on the surface. If a pet or child falls into the water, the surface waves will make the alarm go off. A submerged pool alarm sets on the edge of the pool. It’s angled at 90-degrees and has one arm under the water. If the water is displaced or disturbed, it will sound the alarm. It can be used with a pool cover too. However, the disadvantage is that unless stated, it won’t register weights under 15 pounds.

Wristband alarm: A wristband device is actually locked onto the wrist of the child. It can also be attached to a pet’s collar too. The base of the unit is kept in the home, and if the wristband gets wet, the alarm is sounded. The down side is that the alarm will sound if the child is washing hands or playing with the hose and if Fido gets wet in the rain.

Even if you don’t have children or pets, having an alarm on your pool is a good idea. You may save the life of a neighborhood child or pet.

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