How to Find a Leak in an In-ground Pool

Finding leaks in an in-ground swimming pool is by eliminating step by step. In an in-ground pool four main areas of concern to check: the Pool Shell, the Pool Plumbing, the Pool Light and the Pool Equipment. Let’s take each part separate:

Your pool shell: all the categories of liners fall under this such as vinyl liners, plaster pools, and fiberglass shells. Of all of these, the vinyl liner is most vulnerable because of the possibility of small tears or leaking where small cuts were made to install the light, skimmer, etc. However, plaster pool can spring a leak through a crack in the shell mostly around the tile line. It can also leak between the plastic skimmer and the wall of the concrete swimming pool. To find the leak, you may see small pieces of debris that have been caught in a crack or a tear in the vinyl.

Leaks in the pool skimmer: One place to check for leaks in inside the skimmer or on the sides of the walls of the skimmer. If the pool is vinyl, the gasket and faceplate should be checked. On a pool which is plaster, check inside the skimmer where the front of the skimmer meets the tile.
Leaks in the pool lights: The conduit which has the light cord running from the light niche to the light junction box isn’t sealed so there is a possibility it can become cracked from weather. If the water has dropped down but becomes stabilized at the top of the pool light, then the leak is most likely in the pool light conduit.

29157640_sLeaks in your pool plumbing: If you have plugged all you plumbing lines and nothing has leaked, then the problem could be in the underground plumbing. When you leave the plug in the main drain and remove the plugs in the skimmers, the next step is to start up the pump. If it still leaks, unplug the main drain. Then put the plugs back into the skimmers to see if the skimmers are leaking. If the leak isn’t located, then you will have to call a specialist.

Leaks in your pool equipment: If you see water running out of your filter, chlorinator, heater or pump, then you can find you leak pretty quickly.

A leaking pool can be fixed by you pretty quickly, if it’s a leak that is a severe problem, an expert is a better solution.

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