Should Pets Be Allowed in Pools?

Some pool owners wonder if it’s safe to allow dogs in the swimming pool. Well, if common sense is used, the risk of an infectious disease is pretty low. The risk is even lower if the pool used is a home swimming pool which is well maintained and chlorinated regularly. Still, even a regularly chlorinated pool isn’t totally foolproof health wise so; again, some common sense has to be used. So below is a list of things to consider before allowing your dog to swim in your pool.

21377318_sIf the dog has been sick with diarrhea, a skin infection or has been vomiting; keep it out of the pool. Additionally if your dog has had diarrhea, keep it out of the pool for a couple of weeks after the dog has recovered.

If your dog has a shedding infectious agent such as Salmonella or Giardia, keep the dog out of the pool. Also, even healthy dogs can shed this organism so be aware of this.
If the dog has fecal staining on its coat, it shouldn’t be permitted into the pool because this can contaminate the pool once the coat is wet.

Will having the dog in my pool harm the pool?
Dog hair in your pool is hard on the pool filter, other equipment and keeping the chemistry balanced correctly. Dog hair, especially is the dog is a hairy dog, can clog your skimmer or a pump basket quickly too. If the pump basket is clogged repeatedly, it could cost you in pump repairs from stress on the pump. So if your dog swims, you need to keep an eye on all the baskets and filters to be sure they aren’t becoming clogged with dog hair.

Keeping your dog safe in the pool
On the other hand, keeping your dog safe is important too. So if you let your dog swim, make sure your dog knows where the steps to get out of the pool are located. Also make sure your dog can swim well and learn first aid for dogs. Be sure to provide fresh drinking water by the pool so the dog doesn’t try to drink the pool water also. Importantly, if your dog doesn’t like it, don’t do dog swimming.

So if your dog is healthy and likes water, a day in the pool can be fun for everyone.

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